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Our Livestock. Our Farmers. Our Land. Our Earth. We Are... Pro Earth.

At Pro Earth our mission is to have a global impact in the mitigation of agricultural emissions and aid in the creation of a greener earth.

Pro Earth’s core objective is to support farmers in sustainable, cost neutral farming practices that produce better results and reduced gas emissions. We are driven by our desire to support Australian farmers' success in being good stewards of our natural resources for future generations.

Pro Earth enables farmers to move towards Net Zero Agricultural Emissions on Australian farms through our organically formulated biological solutions in feed supplementation and fertilizers. We understand the commercial imperative for profitable, safe, proactive solutions that provide improved outcomes in livestock and soils while protecting the earth through decreasing the use of harsh chemical additives and reducing carbon emissions. Within our sustainable farming framework we can produce better results and reduce agricultural emissions in line with Australia’s 2030 targets and our global 2050 mission of Net Zero Emissions.

pro earth feed

Pro Earth Feed is a highly effective feed supplement custom formulated for the dairy industry using marine ingredients, live active probiotic bacteria and enzymes that modify the rumen microbiome to reduce emissions and provide superior outcomes in milk production and animal health. This ruminant gut health supplement improves animal health and immunity, increases milk fat and protein production in dairy cattle, increases livestock lean mass while reducing etheric gas emissions and nitrous oxide emissions in manure. Pro Earth Feed improves the gastrointestinal health and gut micro-flora in all ruminant animals reducing instances of disease such as mastitis, rumen acidosis and ketosis, increasing animal life efficiency and provides superior outcomes in animal productivity. This organic biological marine formulation helps support Australian farmers in a move towards sustainable carbon neutral farming and provides an organic, natural alternative solution to the use of anti-biotic growth promoters and chemical feed additives.

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  • healthier livestock

    + Reduces Disease
    + Enhances Animal Immunity
    + Reduces Livestock Breeding Period
    + Restores Gut Health & Micro-flora
    + Organic Natural Feed Additive

  • better results

    + Increases Milk Production
    + Increases Livestock Lean Mass
    + Reduces Feed Requirements
    + Improves Protein Digestibility
    + Improves FCR   

  • reduced emissions

    + Reduces Total Carbon Footprint
    + Reduces Enteric Methane Emissions
    + Reduces Manure Nitrous Oxide Emissions
    + Reduces Ammonia Emissions
    + Supports Sustainable Farming