Pro Earth Sustainable Soils

Our Livestock. Our Farmers. Our Land. Our Earth. We Are... Pro Earth.

Soil is the foundation of life on Earth. Soil is alive and... Soil can die.

Soil is a complex living ecosystem essential to human life on earth. Sustainable soil and carbon storage is a vital mechanism, resulting from interactions of ecological processes. Human activities affecting these processes can lead to carbon loss or improved storage. Increasing the amount of carbon stored in agricultural soils can help mitigate rising greenhouse gas emissions while improving the productivity and resilience of agricultural systems. Pro Earth Plus organic biological fertiliser contains bioactive microbes delivering essential living biology to the soil. By supporting a diverse soil microbiome it provides essential nutrients necessary for crop and pasture health and vitality. Soil is one of the most diverse microbial ecosystems in the world, replete with not just bacteria, but fungi, archaea, viruses and protists. These microbial communities are critical to plant health and their resistance to stressors, such as drought, heavy metal pollution and even parasitism. Soils and their microbes provide humans with up to 98.8% of the food we eat. Sustainable nutrient rich soil is fundamental to our life and our future on the planet.


Pro Earth Plus, contains a complex blend of living biology. This concentrate biological seaweed fertiliser delivers essential living bioactive microbes to the soil and provides key nutrients necessary for plant and pasture health and vitality. Pro Earth Plus biological fertiliser offers burn-free nitrogen, along with other primary nutrients of phosphorus and potassium. Unlike synthetic fertilisers, it also offers secondary nutrients such as calcium and active microorganisms. This bio active stimulant is scientifically formulated using ‘9 Beneficial Bacteria and Microbes’ to boost plant and pasture growth and regenerate soils. This biological seaweed fertiliser is a highly active dry powder concentrate and fully water soluble, 'Just Add Water'. By enhancing soil health and structure, Pro Earth plus facilitates increased carbon sequestration in the soil, contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Pro Earth Plus Brochure PDF

    + Contains Bio-active Microbes
    + Improves Microbial Communities
    + Restores Essential Nutrients
    + Available Microbe Food Sources
    + Increases Biomass


    + Boosts Plant Health and Vitality
    + Increases Crop and Pasture Yields
    + Improves Flowers and Foliage
    + Supports Strong Root Growth
    + Supports Strong Cell Growth   


    + Reduces Plant Stressors
    + Increases Pest Resistance
    + Organic Pest Defence Formula

    + Improves Soil Aeration
    + Improves Root Mass