Pro Earth Zero - Sustainable Farming Program

Currently in Development

Our Pro earth Zero program will operate as a sustainable farming framework that will provide better outcomes and efficiencies in soil and livestock management in conjunction with on-site testing, data collection and reduced agricultural emissions. We aim to provide Australian farmers with cost neutral improved agricultural outcomes while reducing the environmental impact of Australian farming in a move towards net zero emissions.

Healthier Livestock. Better Results. Rejuvenated Soils. Reduced Emissions.

Pro Earth Zero’s digital interface will form a network of integrated services and trackable emissions data. Through Pro Earth Zero's on-site farm testing and farm analysis we will support more productive, profitable farming methodologies whilst helping prepare Australian farmers for carbon taxation. The program aims to operate as a sustainable farming collective that will encompass both livestock and soil emissions reduction with a further objective of providing a distinct social impact by supporting Australian farmers in their communities through our Pro Earth Us community benefits programs.

Pro Earth Feed additives will reduce livestock etheric emissions by up to 85% in addition to reducing manure methane and nitrous oxide emissions. This organic marine gut health formulation can also improve overall animal health and animal life efficiency, build animal immunity and increase results such as milk solids and livestock lean mass.

Pro Earth Plus offers sustainable soil management through our range of organic biological fertilisers and plant defence formulas by rejuvenating Australian soils, delivering higher quality yields and resilient greener pastures. By supporting Australian farmers in sustaining healthier soils with high levels of active microbiology through our range of chemical-free, biological fertilisers, Pro Earth Plus will improve carbon soil sequestration and regenerate and increase Australian agricultural top soil.