Unlocking the Science of Pro Earth Feed

Methane-producing dairy cows are significantly contributing to global emissions, accounting for a substantial percentage of agricultural emissions in both Australia and New Zealand. A dairy cow emits approximately 500 litres of methane daily, equivalent to 10-25% of the energy that they would otherwise use for performance and milk production. Pro Earth Feed is a ruminant gut health supplement scientifically formulated for the dairy industry. This innovation in feed science combines active probiotic bacteria and enzymes with key marine ingredients to reduce emissions, increase milk production, and improve animal health and performance. Pro Earth Feed transforms the rumen microbiome. By modifying the rumen microbiota and optimising the rumen pH, Pro Earth Feed alters the fermentation pattern and redirects energy to alternate biochemical pathways. Pro Earth Feed has been scientifically proven to reduce the production of methane, ammonia, and nitrous oxide emissions while increasing feed conversion, nutrient absorption, and milk production and quality (fat, protein, iodine, and flavour), as well as improving animal health and immunity. This reduction also decreases the instances of diseases such as mastitis, and rumen acidosis.


Methane, a potent greenhouse gas, is primarily produced during enteric fermentation in the rumen of ruminants. Dairy cattle produce methane as a result of microbial fermentation that occurs in their rumens and is primarily carried out by methanogenic archaea, which utilise hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide as substrates to produce methane. Pro Earth Feed's key ingredients improve the rumen microbiota modifying the fermentation pattern, which diverts metabolic hydrogen away from methanogenesis toward alternative biochemical pathways and functions. This results in reduced methane production while contributing to superior outcomes in milk production and animal health.

  • + Diverts metabolic hydrogen away from methanogenesis
    + Causes cell death of methanogens 
    + Impedes the proliferation of methanogenic archaea
    + Creates an inhospitable environment for methanogens

  • + Increases production milk plus fat & protein content

    + Diverts energy to bio-pathways increasing production

    + Increases nitrogen utilisation & iodine content in milk

    + Increases no. of Lactococcus & lengthens shelf life


Milk production is a complex biochemical process dependant on numerous factors, a key factor is feed intake, which is fermented in the rumen. Pro Earth Feed alters the biochemical pathway of milk production by improving rumen fermentation, increasing fat and protein production in milk and improving nutrient utilization. The supplement contains live active probiotic bacteria, a natural biopolymer, and marine algae, which increases the absorption of minerals and optimizes and maintains the pH of the rumen. Pro Earth Feed’s key ingredients also increase the numbers of Firmicutes (Lactococcus lactis) bacteria in the milk, which aids in converting lactose to lactic acid and enhancing the quality of dairy products.

  • + Increases milk production (sustains high milk yields)

    + Diverts energy to bio-pathways to increase production

    + Improves FCR and energy available for milk production

    + Produces enzymes that break down carbohydrates

  • + Promotes healthy thyroid hormone functioning

    + Increases nitrogen utilisation to increase milk production

    + Increases iodine content in milk

    + Increases Lactococcus and lengthens shelf life


Pro Earth Feed improves ruminant gut health, immunity, and reproductive health. It contains a unique combination of marine ingredients including live probiotic bacteria that stabilises the pH of the rumen, reduces the risk of metabolic disorders like acidosis and ketosis, and promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria while inhibiting harmful bacteria. The supplement also specifically targets bacteria that causes mastitis and E.coli, reducing the occurrence of the infection. Pro Earth Feed improves the rumen microbiota, reduces disease, improves immunity and overall animal health which results in increased milk production, reproductive function and reduced economic losses for farmers.

  • + Beneficially modifies the rumen microbiome and pH

    + Eliminates forms of pathogenic bacteria

    + Reduces Instances of mastitis and e.coli

    + Reduces the risk of rumen acidosis and ketosis 

  • + Promotes growth of active beneficial microorganisms

    + Reduces instances of diarrhea and dehydration 

    + Triggers anti-inflammatory responses

    + Improves thyroid function and reproductive cycles 


Pro Earth Feed enhances feed bio efficacy in ruminants by modulating the rumen microbial community, resulting in increased nutrient absorption and energy availability. The supplement contains live active probiotic bacteria and a natural biopolymer that enhance fermentation conditions, leading to increased digestion and adsorption. The formula acts as a catalyst, forming complexes between dietary lipids, which leads to increased adsorption efficiency and helps retain nutrients in the gut, preventing their premature excretion. Pro Earth Feed’s beneficial live active bacteria and enzymes reduces instances of rumen acidosis, E.coli causing diarrhoea and other diseases improving feed utilisation and efficiency resulting in increased energy conversion.

  • + Increases nutrient availability and adsorption efficiency

    + Supports the growth of beneficial microorganisms

    + Reduces rumen acidosis and instances of diarrhea

    + Diverts hydrogen to alternative biochemical pathways

  • + Enzymes help breakdown complex carbohydrates

    + Beneficially modifies the rumen microbiome and pH

    + Increases FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio)

    + Increases bio efficacy and energy availability